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Retail & eCommerce

Digital Enterprise System for Israel air conditioning provider to manage internal operations and Field Service for 2000+ Employees As a distribution company of air conditioners with crews traveling throughout the Israel area, the company was looking for a way to manage a workflow and improve each step of daily work for crews. Most importantly, they...

IoT & Edge AI [Nvidia Jetson]

Revolutionize Your DOOH, IoT System Management with UBOS’s Low-Code/No-Code Platform: A Case Study with Israeli-Based Startup In collaboration with an Israeli-based startup, UBOS has created an MVP for a DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home) system that helps Ad publishers, Screen owners manage, and Ad creators, manage all of their operations efficiently. This innovative platform helps to manage the...

Generative AI

Effortlessly Generate and Manage High-Quality Images for Your Business with UBOS and Dalle-2 API Integration UBOS low-code/no-code application development platform for AI was used to develop an image collection management system that integrated the Dalle-2 API from Open AI. The system enables businesses to manage and utilize the AI-generated images for their various needs. The...

Knowledge management & GPT Training

Revolutionizing Book Management: How Library Boosted Performance with UBOS Low-Code Platform and AI Technologies Hermetic Wisdom encompasses a wide range of knowledge and beliefs, dating back to the earliest thinkers, prophets, and mages in human history. The Embassy of the Free Mind has an extensive collection of 30,000 books and documents that cover various areas...

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