Revolutionize Your DOOH, IoT System Management with UBOS’s Low-Code/No-Code Platform: A Case Study with Israeli-Based Startup

In collaboration with an Israeli-based startup, UBOS has created an MVP for a DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home) system that helps Ad publishers, Screen owners manage, and Ad creators, manage all of their operations efficiently. This innovative platform helps to manage the entire operations by displaying Ads on the screen, collecting metrics about devices, managing CPM, and metrics about Ad performance based on AI vision algorithms(library YOLOv5,YOLOv8).

Our partnership with the Israeli-based startup resulted in the creation of an MVP that incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver a state-of-the-art DOOH system. The platform manages all operations, including Edge device management, running AI for vision, object detection, and calculating Ad performance.

We also created an admin panel for fleet management in real-time. This panel allows for device update flow, managing all operations on the device, and ensures that everything is running smoothly. With our platform, you can stay on top of all operations related to your DOOH system, ensuring that it is always delivering the best performance possible.

  • Client

    Retail business
  • Development time

    5 months
  • Features

    – Device registration & version control
    – Multiple cloud environments
    – Google BigQuery integration
    – Cloud to Ground Deployment workflows, A/B testing for IoT devices
  • Operations on device Nvidia Jetson

    – Real Time sensor data aggregation/streaming
    – ML models pipeline
    – Vision AI / Object recognition
    – Video streaming / RTSP
    – Backoffice management
    – Data Labeling

Edge device and fleet management

A real-time Map was created, which displayed the location of all devices within the DOOH system with status indicators, system version and Grafana logs

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The NVIDIA Jetson was used as the Edge device in the DOOH system. With UBOS’s platform, the Jetson was easily registered and tracked, with version control implemented for seamless updates and management. The platform’s ability to integrate with multiple cloud environments and support Google BigQuery allowed for efficient and effective data processing on the Jetson.

Furthermore, UBOS created and managed a Node-Red service that was deployed on the NVIDIA Jetson Edge device. This service was responsible for managing all operations within the device, including connecting with the hardware components and managing peripherals such as BLE scanners, GPS, and Accelerometer.

Ad Explorer | Performance metrics

Display the status of all running Ads, providing users with detailed statistics based on vision AI and BLE scanner

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UBOS low-code/no-code application development platform makes it easy to create an MVP for your business. With our platform, you can focus on your core competencies while we take care of the rest. Our platform is designed to help you quickly create an MVP for your business without needing any coding experience.

So, if you’re looking to create an MVP for your business, look no further than UBOS. We’re here to help you every step of the way, and we guarantee that our platform will deliver the results you need to succeed.

Ad Creation Manager

The tool allowed users to view and manage a list of all their ads, as well as create new ads with ease. With features such as media uploading and metadata configuration, the Ads Manager provided users with the ability to customize and tailor their ad campaigns to their specific needs.

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Manage Media Types and Sites

With the media types feature, users can manage all available screen types and positions where ads can be displayed. With the site’s feature, users can easily keep track of available advertising space and make informed decisions about where to place their ads.

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Visualize Data collected by Peripheral (BLE, Camera)

Advanced analytics tool called Attention, allows users to easily visualize data collected by the edge device’s peripheral BLE and camera.

With Attention, users can gain deeper insights into how their ad campaigns are performing and adjust their strategy accordingly.

By visualizing data such as foot traffic patterns and customer demographics, users can make more informed decisions about where to place their ads and what types of ads to run.

Attention’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to view and analyze data, even if they have limited technical expertise.

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Gain Insight into Device Performance with Device Explorer

With Device Explorer, users can view statistics from the device’s perspective, including ad show time, impressions, and a list of ads that were shown. This data can be used to optimize ad placement and improve the overall effectiveness of ad campaigns.

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Manage User Permissions with Ease

Powerful user permissions management feature, which allows administrators to control access to various features, modules and functionality within the system

Administrators can easily set user permissions and assign roles, ensuring that each user has access to the appropriate level of functionality based on their role and responsibilities.

This feature is particularly useful for large organizations with multiple teams or departments, where it’s important to ensure that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized personnel.

Permissions Manager is a user-friendly tool that makes it easy to manage permissions and roles, with an intuitive interface that requires minimal technical expertise.

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Improve AI Accuracy with Image Labeling and Attributes Management

The system includes a powerful feature for image labeling and attributes management, which allows users to improve the accuracy of AI-based object detection and analysis

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IoT Hub and Edge Device Flows

IoT Hub allows the collection of data from all connected Edge devices, which is then stored in a Google BigQuery database for easy access and analysis.

The Ad screen manager is also a key feature of the platform, enabling the display of Ads, as well as the logging of Ad views and the ability to request new ads from the Ad Router.

In addition, the platform includes a NodeRed service that runs on the device side, managing real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) servers, computer vision, and object detection using CV/Yolo ML, GSM data, and BLE peripherals.

A raw log listener and Telegram integration are also included, allowing for alerts to be sent in case of any issues or anomalies.

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Unity3D Data Visualization & Device

Unity3D data visualization is based on Edge device data collected in real-time. This feature provides users with an immersive and interactive way to explore and analyze data collected from their Edge devices. With Unity3D, users can easily create and customize 3D visualizations that help them gain insights into their data.

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